New Product


webrax-AN 701 Flex

Flexible, adaptive, powerful:
Hermes non-woven grinding belts
for perfect results

Are you looking for grinding tools that withstand the highest stresses, are robust and yet maximally flexible in order to optimally machine contoured metal workpieces?

The new webrax-AN 701 Flex product range from Hermes guarantees you all of this. Let the new top performers in our portfolio convince you!

Your benefits

  • Very long tool life with consistent high quality grinding results
  • Extremely robust construction suitable for high pressure, high load applications and sharp edges
  • Highly adaptive to intricate contours and radii
  • Extremely tear resistance
  • Wide range of applications
  • Top price / performance ratio

Thanks to …

  • Uniform non-woven structure
  • Very high flexibility
  • High quality reinforcement with cloth
  • Various delivery forms

webrax-AN 701 Flex for manual or robotic…

  • Deburring
  • Cleaning
  • Mat finishing / finishing
  • Generating defined roughness values

Unbeatable in direct comparison


webrax-AN 701 Flex Competitor
Surface quality ■■ ■■■
Tool life ■■ ■■
Price / performance ratio ■■ ■■

Twice the service life, half the cost:
Hermes non-woven abrasive belts are the perfect solution for the automated finishing of knife blades