New Product


Protec Film FC 161-Longlife VEL

Edge stable and tear resistant:
Hermes film discs perfect for surface preparation

Do you need excellent sanding results as the optimum basis for subsequent painting processes, e.g. in the automotive or commercial vehicle sector, in aviation, boat building , or in the wood and furniture industry?

Are you looking for reliable products that meet your high requirements for grinding corrosion-sensitive or other demanding materials?

Then let the strengths of our new Protec Film FC 161-Longlife film disc convince you – for your excellent finish!

Your advantages

  • High edge stability and tear resistance combined with flexibility of the disc
  • Long tool life and maximum productivity thanks to long-life active coating
  • Consistently high stock removal rates and superior surface
    finish, throughout the lifetime
  • High economic efficiency
  • Perfect for use on corrosion-sensitive surfaces such as aluminum, but also filler, composites, wood and lacquer

Protec Film FC 161-Longlife for manual or automated…

  • Defect and repair sanding
  • Pre-sanding
  • Removal of lacquer and paint

Perfectly matched
Protec Film and Brilliance Film


Protec Film
FC 161-Longlife VEL
Brilliance Film
FC 164-Longlife VEL
Materials Aluminum, wood, lacquer,
filler, composites
Composites, filler, primer,
gelcoat, E-coat, lacquer
Applications Defect and repair sanding,
pre-sanding, removal of old varnish
Intermediate sanding, fine sanding and finishing
Grint sizes P 80 – P 220 P 240, P 320, P 400 – P 2000